Our Mission 

At a time where most galleries mean profit, Povos means people.

Povos aims to act as a resource for all through carefully curated show production, free resources for emerging artists, and direct-to-community projects centered around the arts and education.

Long story short, we’re here for you. Whether you’re an artist, a patron, or a member of the community, Povos is around. We can’t wait to meet you.

Founded in 2020 by chicago artist and art educator Lucca Colombelli, Povos was originally designed to be an exclusively online platform, however through odd strokes of luck and good fortune we have found a home in chicago much sooner than we expected.

What’s on view?

photo courtesy of Barb Levant
work by Ashkon Haidari 2022

Where the Money Goes... 

Most collectors don’t know that when they purchase a piece from a gallery, most galleries are keeping 50% of that sale. But the time for that model has long passed, and Povos is joining the ranks of many new projects supporting a more sustainable relationship between artist, dealer, and collector. Plus, a portion of every sale goes back to local community work, education, and advocacy.

...Artists always keep 70%.

Nonprofit Work 

Povos has partnered with Chicago Social Change to raise money, educate, and elevate chicago through art and community.

Chicago Social Change is a national nonprofit with the mission of amplifying community voices and disrupting the legacy of systemic injustice through organizing, direct action, policy advocacy, and storytelling.

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Gallery Hours

Monday - Wednesday: Appointment Only
Thursday - Sunday: 12-5pm

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