Povos Logo

Povos means people.

We are a charity-supporting online art gallery, fine arts consulting and contracting studio, and pop-up events organization featuring the best of Chicago's emerging artists.

We have not fully launched yet, but just wrapped up our first online charity auction benefiting non-profits fighting systemic racism and providing covid-19 relief in Chicago. Thanks to the following artists, we were able to raise over $3000 for charity:

Holly Meyers, William Schaeuble, Briseis Schriebman, Jack Flora, Alexandra Fongaro, Maurice Cicmanek, Lucca R Colombelli, NFN Kalyan, Lorielle Sum, Hana Rafee, & Cormac Steinbock.

The organizations we had the pleasure of working with were Save Money Save Life , Chicago Social Change, Chicago Community Bond Fund, and Black Lives Matter Chicago.

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